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What Does Cigarettes Do To Your Health?

Cigarettes are known to be bad for human health and there is a study that shows that job prospects are affected too. Preparing for what to expect in an interview and drafting a professional resume is better than smoking. I will tell you why smokers find it hard to find and keep employment.

Jobs are not easy to come by

Statistics have it that there a high likelihood for a non-smoker to find a job compared to a smoker. Studies show that there are negative effects that come with a smoker finding a job. During an interview a smoker is unable to focus and answer questions as asked due to the addiction from nicotine. Poor concentration by a smoker shows how much the cigarettes have affected them. Smokers smell of cigarettes and are unable to make a first imimpressionith any would-be employer. Further, when one is unemployed they find consolation in smoking. It is not easy for a smoker to sesecure job if the above analysis is to be considered.

Paid Less

Jobs are hard to find and even harder for smokers. Smokers are said to earn less according to a study carried out as compared to non smokers. To cucurbmoking in an organization, smokers are paid less. Smokers need to be reduced in any company that is looking to increase its earning authority.

Expenses Increase

The expenditure of a company is high due to smokers. Spending priorities are affected. Instead of keeping clean, smart and neat a smoker would rather buy cigarettes. These lack of knowledge that keeping clean is important makes smokers more disadvantaged to get jobs.

If a smoker wants to quit the habit there are several options. Instead of smoking the c cigarette at one is used to, they can try vaping. The act of inhaling and exhaling vapor from an a cigarette is known as vaping. When vaping no ninicotines inhaled. Vaping is cheap and less haharmfuln the long run.

The smoking a cigarette is more expensive than when a smoker chooses to vavapith e juice. There are increased job prospects when a smoker decided to use the vaping option.

Better Employment Opportunities

A person who has never smoked or a smoker who wants to quit is more likely to get jobs. To be hired one has to sharpen their ininterviewkills. Anticipating the questions that will be posed and the answers to them is an advantage to get a job.