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The Cannabis Strains that can be used for Anxiety.

There are a number of people who suffer from the types of anxiety. There are cases when you might not be aware that you are suffering from some anxiety. Anxiety manifests itself in the body through some symptoms. The following are some of the things to look out for. They include uneasiness, shortness of breath, nausea, tense muscles and breathing problem. It can also be a combination of these things. There are ways that a person can use to deal with it. In most cases, people use the anti-anxiety drugs. However, threre are other medication used to manage anxiety. Cannabis now that it is legalized in America is one of the great option that you got. Medical cannabis is a wide subject. Knowing the right strain for you might be a challenge. However below are some strains used for anxiety.

For instance, we have cannatonic. This is a hybrid strain. The CBD levels of this hybrid are high. This strain helps in sedation and muscles spasms. It is a great balance between the two cannabinoids. The CBD levels are 16% compared to the 6% of THC. This strain is used as a mood stabilizer. Next is sour tsunami. This strain has an almost equal amount of CBD and THC. However, THC is quite higher than CBD. It is among the most popular strains with high levels of CBD. Users can uplift their moods by taking the sour tsunami. Sour tsunami is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. And depression too.

The next one is called one to one. The equal nature of CBD and THC I the reason why it is called one to one. It has several positive effects on the body. It can help to calm body but at the same time maintaining the energy levels throughout the day. If you have low-level stress; this is the strain for you. The day to day anxiety can be reduced by this strain.

ACDC is the name of the next cannabis strain for anxiety. This one has almost zero THC content. If you are always afraid of high THC levels, this is the way to go. The CBD levels of this strain is 19%. It is commonly used by people with anxiety disorder. There is some level of focus and alertness that one gets after having this strain. It also give the users the mental state of well-being.

Finally, we have canna-tsu. This now is a hybrid between cannatonic and sour tsunami. This one too has an almost equal content of THC and CBD. However, the levels of THC are slightly lower than those of CBD. This one is useful for any type of anxiety. Meloow and the alert impact on the brain are also its effects.