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Funny Quotes About Pro-gun Stances.

The likely hood of people who are anti-gun loving to argue is very high. As much as pro-gun people defend their ideas, you will never find them shading a tear about it. More likely than not, you will encounter them giving out some of their best pro-gun saying and quotes.

As much as you can state statistics, such as states with more gun control have higher rate when it comes to murder, there is no fun in listing cold and hard facts. Nothing feels better than pushing someone’s button during an argument.

Do you really have excess funny gun quotes, that you can use to take them on?. Below gun quotes are useful during arguments.

The first joke is by Rudyard Kipling, in this quote he says a man can never have too much wine, too many books or too much ammunition.

The only way to defend a life you believe in is by being able to defend it.

Givens supports carrying of guns as a way to protect yourself in case some one impose their will on you.

Cooper believes unarmed man cannot be able to overcome evil by freeing from it.
Another gun saying is having your gun is a lighter burden compared to regret.

Karl believes you are either a responder or a victim.

The seventh one is a quote from Doug Patton, in this quote he says that a great danger lies from the notion that we can reason with evil.

Our eighth quote is from Rory Miller, he believes it is better to avoid than run, it is better to run than de-escalate. He further states it is better to de-escalate than to fight, and lastly better to fight than die.

George supports guns by saying everybody is a militia, apart from few public officials.

The tenth gun quote is from Noah Webster, where he says a supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, simply because the whole body the people are armed.

When you are in a situation where you require a gun, you should be able to easily access it.

Another gun quote is by Clint Eastwood, he says he has a strict gun policy which is there is a gun around, he should have control of it.

Charlie Crist also has a quote on guns, where he clearly states he is pro-life, family, gun and business.

Matt Servitto is also quoted saying he is not anti-gun or pro-gun, but if you have a gun in your hand you will feel different.

Malcom X is pro-gun this is clear from his quote where he say the people of America has been allowed by the constitution to arm themselves, hence they should not give up on that.

In case you are having an argument with someone on guns, feel free to use the above quotes. We have more quotes in our platform that you can have a look at. Well at it, you can visit this website for top rated gun accessories.