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Self- Healing Practices That Release Healing Potential beyond Science.

This is the most famous kind of healing where patients who are physical or psychological trauma spend a sufficient amount of time under the care of her health specialist until an optimal solution is found. The new paradigm of healing is called metaphysical healing which is the realm of a mystic healer who uses their highly developed psychic, spiritual gifts stretch into their souls to find any offending energy or obstacle and dissolve it by themselves. This is also available for people who were hurting and needed healing, and just a little practice compassion can muster their pain and heal from many physical and psychological diseases.

According to Lindsay Maxfield, an intuitive healer, we have entered into a new age where time is moving fast, and this makes the paradigms to slow and are therefore don’t have enough time to contemplate our troubles and hold them through a step-by-step process. If a person realizes that they have an emotional lock inside, say sexual abuse trauma, old paradigm would suggest that the victim see a therapist, go to self-help groups or attend workshops and seminars in order to get over the past. In the new paradigm, things will be much faster as a patient has already been exposed to the emotional block and they find ways to allow a person with these superhuman abilities to enter in and helping to dissolve them. Here at the speed of thought requires an individual to have a deep-seated faith that reasons beyond logic and science. H.T.S.O.T view here for more information.

Your aura becomes a central information Centre and the sensor system that transmits and receives communication from the environment around us. Each person has their own unique aura created by their backgrounds and experiences, and this is what either repels people more attractive opportunity in your life.

Only healing results from sometimes blocked, stagnant, and negative energy that is trapped in our energy body and that many times it keeps us in cycles of attracting people, things and situations that we don’t want. Quantum physics reveals that time is not a fixed phenomenon nor does it flow in one direction is only our consciousness that subscribes to any understanding of time to be able to comprehend reality. This has to be at the request of the recipient because the mutual response of energy is the one that facilitates the healing and this is where the difficulties arise because the recipient may be subject to their own ego and self-sabotage to let go of the insecurities, fears, and anxieties.

Loosening your emotional traumas has to come from an individual willing to accept and let go of the pain, to release and to heal allow yourself to first even the most painful scenes in your life with the knowledge of how to energetically shift the pain and give yourself a different perspective. You cannot particularly arrest or avoid things that happened to you, but you can release the authority they have of life and allow yourself to live free.